Sunday, April 12, 2009

Updates and something else =]

A Koi fish, yes, indeed, here's my two progress shots, from the firs blobbings of color with some rough lines which I ended up erasing pretty much entirely by the end..so it went from this...

To this here, and this fish will belong as a lower back tattoo to anyone in my update groups  soon enough =) I won't be putting this in the store later on, so get it while it is there. It is my gift to those who urged me to put the Koi skin back up and it has been a great success, so this is my appreciation to you all including everyone who has stuck with me and my slow updates ^^
Some further info about this is that it wasn't made to go WITH the Koi skin, but it does look alright together I think? Some colors better then others, it's meant more as a stand alone gift, either way : ) it is whatever you want to do with it.

Also :D late update to my blog, but new Lacey Pants colors are in the store aswell, come see ^^

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