Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ghost Hakama

Hey guys! Finally an update, yay ^^!

As you may have noticed (for those that went to Fantasy Fair) I did sneakily put this (My first FULL outfit, yay ^^) on the donation vendor without announcing in any of my groups :) Fear not, you didn't miss the update or anything, there was a reason for this!

That being I was waiting on Yuki Ida of [Guaze] 's release of his gorgeous Ishiko Kimono full of awesome which is actually the inspiration for my Ghost Hakama outfit as we planned to release them together naturally : )

Here's a photo of the two of us in our outfits ^^ more updates of clothing to come aswell as other surprises in the future !

Both available at [][]Trap[][] maine store in The Twilight sim and on Carnivale aswell as at [Guaze] Main store at Snatch City!


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