Tuesday, October 30, 2012

[][]Trap[][] Halloween 2012 Updates!

One day left on this promotion, though this is a late post because this is often not the go to place for the quickest releases, I post on flickr, and in world groups much sooner :) 50% off on everything on this wall for one more day if you didn't catch this elsewhere~
 I've made a big chunk of new horns too called Koru, Ghost, and Swirl, all of which have color tintable parts to customize them. I also learned I can paint a wood texture in a pretty easy three steps of a process that made it not take too long, but ended up looking almost photo realistic with an overlayed texture to give it a bit less of a painted smooth style. I'll have to use this technique again in the future, loving how much SL gets me experimenting with solid line less form painting X) Anyway here's a couple of the 18 colors made for these horns~

Here's a fancy and lovely photo that Yukio Ida took for my vendor, really awesome, looks like she's for sale, but I'm so happy with the color choices, thank you ~

Next up was a very fun collab with myself and Vitani Jun who we've recently adopted into our sim and working group. So here we have the new Gelf ears, it was a pretty huge learning curb both in getting this much work done in one month, and also using a really good HUD for once. I am so bad at scripting it's not even funny, thankfully Siyu Suen of Illusions was able to give me a huge hand in working this HUD and making these ears a possibility and in that regard helping open up doorways for future projects!

 I wish I could post some sketches of these, but unfortunately I had a vision that was clear enough to just start sculpting and shit worked out :) Thanks to anyone that actually reads this, until next time, we will keep working hard at The Twilight sim!

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