Friday, August 17, 2012

Recent [][]Trap[][] Updates Along with the release of Ryu tattoos

Ahhhh so it seems I've been a very neglectful blogger, woops n_n! This will be a bit of a collab post of what as recently added to the store along with the most recent update just now. Major apologies to those that follow this as the most updated source from me, it is best to be in my in world groups or my flickr, I often forget blogspot exists!

First here's Ryu, the newest tattoo project I've come up with, also a sketch of my first concept for the tattoo and a stitched together version of the texture provided :)

Chrosa is a set of skins made for multi purpose use in tons of different colors with tintable eyebrows to match each one. They have a set of human tones and complete grayscale tones along with plenty of color options :) Here's just a few of them!

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