Sunday, September 07, 2008

We're still alive :D

It's been quite awhile, obviously, since I've used this blog...but I'm back for now, and I'll start this off with a little update on what I've been up to for anyone that's missed that =]

The new skin named 'Heart' due to it's obvious center peice on the chest was made for Surrealia Anatine's sim Jabberwocky/Wonderland sim where it will also be for sale at later on,

And for anyone that missed my limited edition skin, Koi, this is slowly becoming a trend in my brain...I keep..wanting..more...colors..and ..things...STUF all over my skins O-o..I can't settle with just plain anymore after making the Koi skin! I've doomed myself to a million more hours of work every skin I make from now on! Damnit! *curses self*

These skins will cost a tad more then my usual far less detailed skins body paint-wise, but I'm trying to keep the prices low and affordable for everyone ^^ The Koi skin got a lot of wonderful feedback and I'm soooo happy about that and it only encourages me to keep up more of this style, so look foreward to it in the future, most definately at Halloween :)!

Aswell as I'll be delving into clothing this month so expect something, if all goes well, to show up a little later!

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Motus inc. said...

OMG I love this skins O.O!