Sunday, September 28, 2008

Halloween stuffies :)

THIS SKIN IS NOT FOR SALE UNTIL OCT 1st :)!! Just a preview!

So I actually managed to get sick this month , learn sculpties, make some clothing ( which I will be finishing later on) and finish this skin over the month thinking I'd not get it done until AFTER October, but it seems I got it all done 3 days early! Also on top of that I finally made a flickr group for all of you taking amazing pictures of my skins and I'd love for you all to join^^


It's open membership so feel free :)

Here's a preview of the Halloween limited edition skin which will ONLY be for sale for the month of october which also includes a special version of the Heart skin with each purchase^^( you get the same Heart skin each purchase, that is, not a different one hehe )

I also took some photos of that Heart skin with my good friend Lolli, and I got a little caught up in the cuteness.. ha ha :)


Terry Toland said...

Thank you for the yummy goodness that is skull tattoos. :D <3

And yes, the squee they bring wreaks havoc on my grammar skills. ^^;

Selos said...

:D You're welcome!

Kim Gail said...
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Selos said...

It's for sale in my store :) check out my picks

someone somewhere said...

OMG I am so said I missed that Halloween skin! It's gorgeous!

someone somewhere said...

ugh ... I mean *sad* not *said* >_<