Sunday, July 24, 2011

Soooo, new stuff! specifically, Spiked coat and pants, and yes, once again, I am still alive for you crazily patient people who still give a crap about what I make here :) I <3 you.
Some of you might remember this from seeing my vendor at fantasy faire awhile back (I'm so sorry you had to see that unfinished crap, but it was for a good cause at least....)
A little about this evil EVIL Eeeeevil coat....

SO, if I could hate anything more then this coat, I probably couldn't come close to finding the words to express said excessively extreme hatred. I hate it a little less now that it's done, so that's good.
It has single-handedly managed to beat about half a million mistakes and lessons learned over the way-too-many-months it's been in progress. I am not good at clothing yet..oh god help me when I try another outfit .
I'm pretty good at making mistakes and I think I MASTERED ALL MISTAKES with this coat..completely..yep...I am the A+++ genius student at mistakes now, BAHAhahaa!
For those that have known about this coat and how long it's been in progress I could not thank you more for being so patient if you haven't lost interest yet, lol :) <3
-Selos Dae


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