Monday, October 08, 2007

Camping xD?

So I couldn't sleep...I decided to visit Elec and his friend Kuja=)
We watched the moon for a bit...then I said..we need a campfire...

Elec started a fire....on himself , trying to make a campfire =[ lol

Next thing I know...I am being tied up O.O

[8:26] Elec Tone: kuja, The today's supper was decided.
[8:26] kuja Clary: XD
[8:26] Selos Dae cries out in a kitty cry
[8:27] Elec Tone: XD

I didn't know Elec wanted ME for dinner XD



Elec said...

Selos was delicious :P

Selos said...

;-; lol

Richtoon said...

WOw! Some different stuff!