Tuesday, May 15, 2007

[][]TRAP[][] Skins Update

White skins, soon to be completely black ones to go with this set :) Enjoy!


Elec said...

Ooh :O
I love your skin! I will buy this.
good work!

Selos said...

AWww I'm so happy you like them ^__^! Thank you!

Elec said...

yay =^.^=I bought three kinds of SKIN in Trap. aye...They are awesome!!

I was always troubled with SKIN of a beautiful man not being found.
selos, Thank you for your good work :)
And I like your stuff's poster, too. Its good sense and good color.

Selos said...

Ohh the poster you should look at the person in my friends list named 'Meg' she did it for me :) she's a very good artist too!